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Birds Eye – Grocery

The Objective

Asda NAD compliance has dipped in 2015, affected by restructure changes in store.

The Solution

Drive NAD compliance and maximise sales at promo changeover in Asda by targeting Asda stores with poor compliance* for two consecutive promo periods.(*data used was taken from previous 3 months)

The Result

200 stores visited each period across the first 3 days of the promo cycle.On Entry NAD Compliance – 83%On Exit NAD Compliance – 94% Tactical Solutions Impact + 11%Good improvement however were unable to deliver 100% due to certain stores using lower priority ends to run off deleted lines or reduced to clear lines and some unable to get access to stock in Asda Freezer backups as they were overfilled.Delivered +£130.7K RSV and a +3.6% uplift versus control stores during the two promo periods. Birds Eye Deep Cut Forecast Accuracy improved dramatically